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Join SALT as a participant

A very warm welcome to you!

SALT Fellowship is committed to providing a safe and caring environment to all our participants, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or disability.  Our Code of Conduct for participants summaries our expectations for our participants and its consequences for unacceptable behaviour.  Please click [here] for the Code of Conduct.


If you are joining us for the first time, you are required to do the following BEFORE your participation in our activities:

(1) Submission of the Letter of Declaration and Consent (LDC). 

(2) Payment of one-time [entrance fee] of S$10 

You are only required to submit LDC and pay entrance fee ONCE to become a participant in SALT programmes, events and activities.  For example, you may join in the many different walks organized under SALT-CARE.  However, you may have to pay extra to participate in certain activities, for example, you have to pay for the costs of materials in Flower Arrangement, Fruit Art, cooking demonstrations, etc.

You can pay the one-time entrance fee of S$10 via:


By Bank Transfer:

A/C Name: SALT Fellowship

BANK: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd (OCBC)

UEN: T21SS0149E

After you have transferred the funds, please WhatsApp our Hon. Treasurer, David Phuah – 97656788 on the same day, stating your FULL Name and Mobile No. An e-receipt will be forwarded to you.

By Cash:

Please get assistance from our Hiking Leaders or Facilitators.

By QR Code:

Please insert your full name in the reference section. After you have transferred the funds, please WhatsApp our Honorary Treasurer, David Phuah at 97656788, on the same day, stating your FULL Name and Mobile No. An e-receipt will be forwarded to you.

SALT OCBC QR-code.jpg

Below is a sample LDC for you to read through first.  If you consent to the LDC, please WhatsApp or SMS Teresa at 85640306 with your name and inform her that you would like to join SALT as a participant and you are ready to submit the LDC.  Teresa will send you a link to do so.  Contact her if you have any queries.  

Letter of Declaration and Consent  (SAMPLE)


SALT Fellowship Management Committee

Dear Sirs,

I shall be participating in the events and activities organized by SALT.

I understand that whilst reasonable precaution will be taken by SALT and/or its office-bearers, staff, volunteers and other members of the organizing committee (the “agents”) to ensure the safety of participants, I accept that I would be taking part in the events or activities at my own risk. I agree and undertake that I will not hold liable or make any claim against SALT and its agents for any loss or damage to my property or any injury or demise suffered by me during such an event or activity, whether as a participant or a volunteer and whether in or outside SALT’s premises.

I understand and consent to the collection, storage, disclosure and use of my personal data by SALT for communication and event organization purposes and for my personal data to be disclosed to, stored and used by SALT’s partners, service providers and sponsors in connection with the organization of the events and activities. I will contact SALT’s data protection officer if there is a change in my personal data or if I wish to withdraw my consent or need any explanation with regards to the protection of my personal data.

I also consent to SALT using my image and/or voice in video/audio recordings and photography in SALT’s publication materials and for SALT’s publicity purposes in any other media. I accept that all recordings, articles, quotes, photographs, films, audio or video and/or any reproductions in any form, are properties of SALT.


​This Letter of Declaration and Consent shall bind my estate and legal representatives.


(SALT undertakes that all information provided herein shall be protected in accordance with the relevant Sections of the Personal Data Protection Act)

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