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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m interested to join SALT.  What do I do?
Join SALT as a participant.  [Click here] for more information.  

2. How do I join SALT activities?
If you are new to SALT, you must join SALT as a participant first.  [Click here] for more information. 

If you have already joined SALT as a participant, you would have selected the interest groups that you want to join and your name would have been added to the specific chatgroups including SALT-ANNOUNCEMENT.  Information on activities, events, talks, etc, are broadcasted in the SALT-ANNOUNCEMENT or specific chatgroups.  You can sign up for these activities according to instructions given.

Do contact the administrator(s) if you have not been added to your selected interest groups or SALT-ANNOUNCEMENT chatgroups two weeks from your date of submission of LDC and payment.  We will rectify it if you have been inadvertently left out.

3. What is the difference between a participant of SALT versus a member of SALT?

Being a participant of SALT meant that you have signed and submitted the LDC and paid the one-time entrance fee.  You are welcome to join or to help out in any of the SALT activities, programmes, talks, events, etc.   We welcome all to join as a participant so long as you abide by the [Code of Conduct].  

There are more criteria to be met in order to be invited to join SALT as a member. 

4. How many times must I sign and submit the LDC?
Only once, as part of the requirements to join SALT as a participant.

5. What is the one-time entrance fee?
The one-time entrance fee is payable only once, as part of the requirements to join SALT as a participant.  This helps to defray some of the costs incurred as SALT is a society run by volunteers. 

6. Are SALT activities free?
Most of our activities are free.  However, there are some activities that may require payment to either cover the cost of materials, and/or goodwill offerings as contributions to the funds of SALT.  SALT is a society run by volunteers.

7. Do I have to join SALT to attend talks held on Zoom/in person?

No, you do not have to join SALT as a participant to attend talks held on Zoom/in person unless otherwise specified.

8. Do I have to join SALT to participate in activities like walks and hikes?

Yes, you have to join SALT as a participant before you participate in our activities.   [Click here] for more information.  

9. I have mobility issues or I have Parkinson’s, can I join SALT activities?
Sure you can!  As a society for the seniors, we understand that there are different levels of fitness and needs.  Presently, we have a WhatsApp support group for Parkinsons’ Fighters and their caregivers.  Our Tuesdays walks are at a pace and distance suitable for those who might need the extra help during walks.  We do exercises over Zoom on Wednesdays.  You can also join our ping pong sessions as part of your physiotherapy routine.

10. Is there a minimum age to join SALT activities?

No, we welcome all ages to join as participants or volunteers.  Do note, however, those aged 55 and above form the majority at SALT activities although we have younger participants too!
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