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Rock climbing engages the entire body in flexibility, stretching, exercise of core muscles, aerobic fitness and strength building. For seniors and Persons-with-Parkinson (PwP), rock climbing is especially helpful to prevent falls by enabling constant balance practice with your arms and legs. Unfortunately, very few seniors have tried indoor rock climbing as it is expensive and is wrongly perceived as a high-risk activity, perhaps only for the young.

Our rock climbing advocate, Johnson See, who is also the co-founder of SALT and a PwP, started rock climbing last year and has testified that it has really helped him to improve his overall fitness and balance. Having fun and a sense of achievement are also definite psychological benefits for him too, and no less important.

The SALT-Rock Climbing group started in February 2023 with more than 40 participants.  This was made possible with the kind support from BFF Climb @Bendemeer who charges us goodwill rates as part of their corporate social responsibility.  They want to affirm and encourage seniors to rock climb to reap the health benefits. 

Our usual climbing session is held on Tuesday afternoons but participants are free to go on any other days and times too.  If you are a first timer, please inform us and our more experienced climbers or the staff at BFF will guide you.  Challenge yourself to try something new!

Watch Johnson doing rock climbing on 30/3/23

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