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Two main activities are playing the ukulele and the promotion of singing.  God willing, we can support our SALT-HOME to play and sing for the residents at the nursing homes.  It is opened to both newbies and experienced ukulele players and singing enthusiasts.

The first batch of 10 players started off in January 2023 and the second batch started in March 2023. 

Who can sign up for the class?
- People with Parkinson's
- People who want to play music but never started 
- People who would love to sing but are afraid of singing out of tune
- People who just want to have fun with ukulele!
- People who don't mind learning music without formal notes and instructions

The Approach?
- Free and Easy
- Watch, Listen and Just Do It!

The Outcome?
- Able to play and sing a minimum of One Song /or  an infinite number of songs
with 1- 4 Basic Chords. 
- Confidence in making music with friends.

When & Where?
There are currently two batches, on different days and venue.  Check with Johnson for details.

Fee & Contribution?
This course is FOC, with suggestion of $20 goodwill contribution to SALT FELLOWSHIP.


Unlock Your Singing Potential and Promote Wellness!

Are you looking to combine your passion for singing with the pursuit of wellness? Join our transformative course, "Singing for Wellness," where you'll learn to sing with confidence, tap into your true vocal potential, and deepen your connection with God through the power of singing. This unique course combines the time-honored techniques of Bel Canto and mask singing with targeted muscle exercises using resistance bands, ensuring a holistic approach to singing and well-being.

The first session for “Singing for Wellness” will commence on 28th June 2023 at the First Evangelical Reformed Church.  More updates coming your way!

SALT-MUSIC 1st batch participants at their third ukulele lesson.
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-28 at 1.54.26 PM.jpeg
SALT-MUSIC 1st batch participants at first session of Singing for Wellness.
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