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Our Statement of Faith


SALT Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian ministry. We encourage and challenge senior adults to embrace the fulfilled life God intends for them. We seek to support the spiritual vitality of Christian seniors by helping them live the dynamic, Spirit-filled life that expresses the love of Christ to family, church, and society.


We base our ministry upon the following great fundamental truths of the Bible:


The Bible

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God.


The Trinity

We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; these three are one true, eternal God, the same in substance, equal in power and glory.



We believe that God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth. God is fully omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.


Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ is truly God and truly man, having two natures inseparably united in one divine person without confusion, mixture, separation, or division. Each nature retains its own attributes. In the incarnation, Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, lived a perfect life among us, was crucified, dead, and buried, rose on the third day, ascended to heaven, and will come again in glory and judgment. He is the only Mediator between God and man.


The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit is of one substance with the Father and the Son. He eternally proceeds from the Father and the Son, and He dwells in the hearts of believers.



We believe that God, by the word of His power, created from nothing the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. He further preserves and governs all His creatures and all their actions according to His most holy, wise, and powerful providence.



We believe that God created man, both male and female, in His own image, but because Adam’s sin every human by nature is sinful and is eternally separated from God, and is, therefore, in need of salvation.



We believe that atonement must be made in order for man to be reconciled to God. Jesus Christ made a complete atonement for His people through His substitutionary atoning death on the cross. He imputes His righteousness to all believers securing us full redemption for all who repent of their sin and trust in Him alone for salvation.


Unity of Believers

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, with equality across racial, gender and class differences.

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