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We welcome you to unite with us in glorifying God through the work of this Ministry.


Here are some ways to consider partnership:

  1. Your church or organization may have elderly members or residents (and their relatives and friends) – numbers do not matter. You may have them organised into groups and named them e.g. “Senior Adults Fellowship”; “Evergreen”; “Seniors Cell Group”; etc. Or you may not have them organised yet. Nevertheless, you would like to further supplement and sustain their spiritual well-being, especially, through complementary organised and structured secular programmes but pointing to the spiritual. However, you may not have the manpower or resources or time. You could invite SALT Fellowship to collaborate with you to put in place and in operation for your church or organization or group, the needful. In another way, you may want to conduct such activities/programmes in-house rather than have us do it for you; participate in our “Programmes for Facilitators” to learn the strategies and skills and use our packages. 

  2. You may have the facilities which you could avail to the work of our SALT Fellowship. 

  3. Your organization (Spiritual, Professional, Healthcare, and suchlike) could unite with SALT Fellowship to avail your expertise to the elderly through our programmes.


The following are some of our partners that we joyfully co-labour for the Lord through service to the elderly, in particular:







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