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SALT Fellowship conducts periodically talks on photography and also organises photography sessions to various places of interest.  Join the WhatsApp group for more info.
Past Events:
Chinatown Street Murals Photography Session

DAY & DATE: Friday, 4 March 2022 
TIME: 8.30am - 11am
SHOOTING LOCATION: Street Murals in Chinatown

Sharing by Cecilia Chew: 

Samsui Women - Hong Tou Jin (红头巾)

This is my sharing from the wonderful experience of street mural photography session at Chinatown yesterday.  Although there are many beautiful shots of murals, my favourite shots are those of  the Samsui women – Why? Because I have seen them in Chinatown, when I was a little girl. 


Samsui women were the heroines of yester-years that Singapore needed. Their struggles were real. Many worked well into their 70s. These ladies were once the backbone of our developing infrastructure, just like our current foreign workers who are building our country today.


Why do we call them  ‘Samsui’ women?  [Read more]

Sharing by Catherine Ding:

What can you remember looking at this mural?  

Each mural depicts the simplicity of life in Singapore Chinatown, beautifully and painstakingly drawn by the artist. We are amazed at his talent and effort!

What can you learn from the past?

I missed the good old days when life was simple, and there was much delight and satisfaction over a cup of coffee over a small table with friends.

How would you share with the younger  generation?

The best things in life do not need to cost a lot. AND value friends, who can brighten your day.

"Let the soul speak, through images" (on Zoom)
22 January 2022
by Dr Daniel Kwek

This photography 101 talk and sharing has many useful tips and examples to help newbies  in photography to improve their awareness and skills.   

Photography at Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome)

DAY & DATE: Wednesday, 23 February 2022
TIME: 8.30am - 11am
SHOOTING LOCATION: Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome)

Appreciation Photography session at Botanics Gardens

DAY & DATE: Tuesday, 15 February 2022
TIME: 8am - 10am
SHOOTING LOCATION: Botanic Gardens Eco Lake - Fragrance Garden.

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