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SALT Fellowship has created a SALT-GARDENING WhatsApp ChatGroup where participants exchange their knowledge, show case their green fingers, share lobangs and more!

Periodically, SALT Fellowship will organise talks on gardening-related topics.

Snippets of conversations eavesdropped from chatgroup ........

"Tomato plants do well under direct sun and plenty of water as the first criteria. If grow under shade, tomatoes even bear fruit will be small. In fact, tomatoes plants just need a bit of shake or brush the flowers will pollinate itself. There are 2 varieties of tomato plants, determinate and indeterminate. Small space, better choose to grow the determinate type else you will find hard to control the vines as it can be bushy. Choose tropical tomatoes varieties, easier to bear fruits as not so susceptible to the hot weather here."

"Watched a very good show on Channel 5 at 10:30m called Growing Wild. It highlights urban gardening in Singapore. 

The next episode is next Wed night, if u are interested.  U can also catch some of the episodes on internet."

"I got seedlings fm Farm 85. Water everyday once. Soil is combo of compost, sand, rice husk. I use Begreen plant strengthener and spray them abt twice a week. Has been v helpful."

"Anyone interested in taking care of Airplants.. PM me privately.. I got plenty here"

"Plants Do Talk" 
19 March 2022 held on Zoom
by Mr Ong Keng Ho, Horticulture Entomologist at Gardens by the Bay

Synopsis: In their own way, plants talk, albeit quietly. Together they talk big on global issues concerning our planet. Individually, they whisper of their well-being. If we are careful to listen, we will value them more as we appreciate their role and function in the world we live in.

Photo gallery of some of our participants' gardening efforts  
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