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The apostle Paul, makes this plea “…be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.” (Rom. 12:11b). Associate with SALT Ministry and serve as Volunteer in any of the following. Firstly, as Spiritual Resource Personnel for the delivery of the Word of God and spiritual well-being; or, Facilitator to deliver and provide professional advice and exhortations. Secondly, serve as Project Leaders or Assistant Leaders in the field activities such as the Hikes and Nature Walks we organize. Thirdly, serve in Administration or Support work, moving around our Beneficiaries who are wheel-chair dependent during special events organized for them. Provide ancillary support, advice and expertise, bridge connections and provide links.

Do I need any particular skills to volunteer?

We believe that each person can contribute in a meaningful way, through the many ministry programmes/projects/activities. However, for some roles there may be a particular skill or qualification required.

Will I receive familiarization training?

New Volunteers will receive basic training and induction. On top of that, in desiring to nurture you, we organize various training and equipping sessions throughout the year in the areas of character development, practical skills and acquiring knowledge about ministering to the elderly - all of which will help you grow as a Volunteer and benefit your personal life.

What will I get out of the volunteering experience?

Blessings from the Lord. Our Volunteers all choose to put their faith into action, for a variety of reasons: Many feel inspired by seeing the change God brings into the lives of the elderly. Others see volunteering as their opportunity to use their skills and experience to give something back to the community. Volunteering can also be a very social activity and a great way to meet new people.

How can I apply to serve as a  SALT Fellowship Volunteer?

Apply on-line and duly complete a Volunteer Form. Someone from our team will contact you and help you get involved, once we receive your form.

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