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S  - Spiritual Wellness
E  - Emotional Wellness
N - Nutritional Health
I   - Interpersonal Relationships
O - Outreach Endeavours
R  - Recreational Activities
Spiritual Wellness

SALT Fellowship (SALT) seeks to meet the fundamental spiritual needs of seniors by helping them to discover a fulfilling journey with God. We believe the words of Holy Scriptures in the Bible will enlighten those who earnestly seek after Jesus Christ.

Emotional Wellness

Mental health of seniors is one of the key concerns of our Singapore government. This is because of the rising rate of suicide amongst the elderly. Depression is one of the common issues affecting seniors. This could be due to physical infirmities, emotional instability, social and domestic problems. SALT seeks to help seniors to overcome all those negative emotions and to develop a resilient spirit. 

Nutritional Health

Basic Nutritional Food Plans recommended by the Singapore Health Promotion Board is one of the programmes SALT is promoting to help seniors to eat wisely and to stay healthy.

Interpersonal Relationships

Loneliness amongst seniors is not uncommon. Isolation remains a prevailing issue of serious concern. SALT creates all kinds of opportunities for seniors to meet and to interact with one another. SALT also introduces basic building blocks for developing wholesome relationships.

Outreach Endeavours

SALT looks for opportunities to reach out to the elderly who are living in nursing homes and also those confined alone at home due to their physical disabilities. We train volunteers to befriend those without any next-of-kin to care for them.

Recreational Activities

In order to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, seniors are encouraged to participate in nature walks, hiking, community gardening and nature photography.  SALT's core pursuit is to organise various outdoor recreational activities to help seniors to stay physically active.

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