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This Interest Group started in October 2021, with the sponsorship from the Managing Director of Copytron Table Tennis Club to allow SALT Fellowship to use their facilities. 


There are many health benefits of playing ping pong for seniors, such as, it improves hand-eye coordination, keeps reflexes sharp, stimulates the brain and  burns calories.   It is a low-injury risk sports and provides opportunities for social interaction.  This is also used as an exercise therapy for our Parkinson fighters to encourage them to be active.

Our group of ping pong players possess different proficiency levels, from beginners to experts.  For the latter, they will volunteer to coach the rest of the group.  We have an informal grading scale as:

"A"    - being very competent in handling the ball, are among the best players of this SALT pingpong group

"B+"  - being reasonably competent in keeping the ball in play and are among the top  half of the intermediate skill level

           sector of this group 

"B-"    - being reasonably confident in keeping the ball in play but are among the lower half of the intermediate skill level

           sector of this group

"C"    - defines those whose skill level does not qualify them in the A and B gradings.


You do not need to know how to play, just an interest to try out ping pong. We can even loan you a bat if you don’t have one.  Come join us!

Thrice weekly sessions are:

-   Monday at Bishan Sports Hall (basement carpark), 10am-12pm
-   Tuesday and Thursday at Copytron Table Tennis Club, 9am-12pm

We are very grateful to be able to mark our first anniversary as a SALT-Ping Pong group with our inaugural tournament held on 27/10/22 at Copytron Table Tennis Club.  A total of 25 players competed.  Players were assigned to two groups, Seniors or Persons-with-Parkinsons; and depending on playing skills, placed in ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ Division for the former and ‘B’ or ‘C’ Division for the latter.

Planning for the tournament started way back in June and now the day of tournament finally arrived!  Our SALT Vice-Chairman, Mr Johnson See welcomed all and expressed our thanks to Mr Terry Tan, the owner of Copytron Table Tennis Club, for the use of the facilities for our regular play sessions and the tournament.  Tournament commenced with the first and second rounds comprising 12 games.  We stopped for a recess break to fellowship over a big spread of snacks and drinks.  Tournament resumed with the placement rounds for all divisions.  After the games are over, we were treated to a demo match by two young talented table tennis players who wowed us with their smashes and long rallies!  For finale, our VIP guest, Mr Terry Tan, presented medals to the runner-up and champion of each Division. 

We would like to thank all who have helped in one way or another, our sponsors in cash or in kind, and all our guests and supporters, in making the tournament a success.  We especially thank our referees who so kindly volunteered their time and expertise to help us.  We wish all the very best in playing ping pong either for health, for recreation or for competition.  All honor and glory to our Almighty God who has carried us thus far and will continue to do so!

SALT-Ping Pong Committee 2022

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