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This code of conduct summaries our expectations for our participants and its consequences for unacceptable behaviour. All determinations of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour are in the sole discretion of the SALT Fellowship Management Committee and the decision of the Management Committee’s representatives will be final.


Expected Behaviour

  1. Participants are to exercise consideration at all times and respect in speech and actions.

  2. Demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech will not be accepted.

  3. They are to be mindful of fellow participants.

  4. Participants are to alert leaders or facilitators if they notice violations of this Code of Conduct, even if they seem inconsequential.


Unaccepted Behaviour

  1. Violence, threats of violence, or violent language directed against another person.

  2. Discriminatory jokes, remarks and language.

  3. Posting or displaying sexually explicit or violent material.

  4. Personal insults, particularly those related to gender, race, religion or disability.

  5. Inappropriate photography or recording.

  6. Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following (online or in person).

  7. Sustained disruption of events, including talks and presentations.

  8. Failing to follow or obey any laws or rules of the venue.


Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviour


Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behaviour is expected to comply immediately. The Management Committee or representatives may take any action they deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the event or activity.


Reporting Guidelines


Participants are to notify the administrator, leader or facilitator as soon as possible if they are subject to or witness unacceptable behaviour, or have any other concerns.


We expect all participants to abide by the Code of Conduct in all our SALT Fellowship activities, online and in-person.

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