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“He Walks with Me”  - Book Review

Devotions for Your Caregiving Journey with God

Published by Our Daily Bread

Are you tired by the thankless task of caring for your loved ones?

Do you struggle with guilt, resentment, or bitterness?

Does it seem impossible to keep on trusting God?

​From Our Daily Bread Ministries:

"Caring for someone is one of the most difficult responsibilities a person can take on. Much is expected

from you, including the ability to play multiple roles: parent, nurse, counsellor, provider, and helper. You can expected

to play these roles all the time. And you are expected to sacrifice yourself and everything you have - your time, your hobbies, your own family, your dreams, and your happiness - for someone else.


What makes it harder is the fact that most of the time, caregiving is not something we can prepare or plan for: It can be a shock to discover just how stressful, exhausting, and frustrating it gets. As you spend most your days giving - and never receiving - you may find yourself exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Worse, you may feel trapped in the role, knowing that you cannot leave until the person you are caring for is completely healed or has passed on. This can fill you with resentment, especially when others don't seem willing to sacrifice their time - but expect you to give up yours. No one seems to understand that you, the caregiver, can suffer as much as the person you're caring for."

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