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“Finishing Well to the Glory of God”  
- Book Review

Strategies from a Christian Physician

Author: John Dunlop, MD.

Most of us want to finish life well, yet so few of us know how to go about it. There is a profound, uniquely

Christian approach to the end of life on earth. “Finishing Well to the Glory of God” has been written from

several perspectives – as a Christian, as a physician, as a son who saw his parents go through their later days

and as a cancer survivor who is approaching his seventies and confronting some issues of ageing. 

Dr. Dunlop relates nine strategies for finishing well to the glory of God. Among them are: Let Go Graciously; Embrace a Biblical View of Life and Death; and Changing Gears from Cure to Comfort Care. He discusses each strategy with a brilliant combination of biblical reflection, medical expertise and godly warm-hearted wisdom. He brings to the treatise years of experience as a physician and provides pastoral wisdom and social strategies blended with rich scriptures as he addresses spiritual, emotional, psychological, financial and physical needs. 

This book is a practical guide for patients, care-givers, family members, counsellors – just about anyone who must leave this world one day. Find out very simply, how to finish well for one’s self and how to help a patient or loved one to finish well when called upon or duty bound to be care-giver. It probes very difficult questions that all people, not least Christians, must face as physical death approaches. Find insights to these questions: What purpose can my life have when I am older? What things detract from finishing well? How do I begin to give up the things of this world? Does God have purpose in our suffering? What does the Bible teach about life and death? What does death lead to? What needs to be done to bring closure with loved ones? How to make a decision when to withhold and when to withdraw care? What does it mean to switch gear from cure to comfort care? When to do so?

Read this book to live well and finish well and to help others likewise. Dr. Dunlop has covered the whole trail and the reader benefits from his rich experience for immediate application.


                John Dunlop MD. (Graduate of Johns Hopkins University, USA). He serves as an adjunct professor at Trinity International University and practices geriatrics in New Haven, Connecticut where he is affiliated with Yale School of Medicine. He also authored other books such as Strategies from a Christian Physician and Wellness for the Glory of God; Living Well after 40 with Joy and Contentment is All of Life.​

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