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“A Happy Old Age”  - Book Review

Author - Ashton Oxenden

Published by Reformation Heritage Books, USA             


                The author addresses the “Aged Christian” in the “old age” phase of life. Oxenden reminds

his readers that life “is a journey that is soon ended.” He suggests some ways to make our last days the

best and happiest of all our life – whatever the condition we may be in at this stage. Firstly, we are to take

a “good searching look” and see what sins have marked our life and reflect on the many mercies received.

Secondly, we are reminded that every stage of life has its own duties and highlights some of these duties

of the Aged Christian. He warns that Satan tempts every one of us all the time and alerts of some

temptations in old age. Finally, Oxenden exposes some trials of old age and we are encouraged that joys in old age

and to experience them. 

                We are guided to practice active spiritual ageing through having the Bible as our constant companion, regular worshiping in church and praying. 

                Read the book. You will be surprised at the simple things we need to do in the final phase of our momentary life on earth, for ourselves and our loved ones to have contentment and peace as we slip away from Earth, after a happy old age, to glorious Heaven for eternity. The narrative is simple and the Bible references are appropriate. The 73-page pocket-sized book is in clear large print and well laid out making for easy reading.



                Ashton Oxenden (1808 – 1892) was an English clergyman who served as Anglican Bishop of Montreal and Metropolitan of Canada for 10 years. He was an evangelical Calvinist and a prolific writer, author of more than 40 books

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