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This interest group is formed with the objective of playing ukulele with singing to and for the glory of our Lord Jesus. It is opened to not only the newbies who are taking the course or are planning to register for the next class,  but also to those professional or well qualified ukulele players who don't mind jamming with our newbies. God willing, our SALT-UKULELE Group can support our SALT-HOME to play and sing for the residents at the nursing homes.  
SALT-Ukulele started with the first batch of 10 players in January 2023. The second batch will be starting in March 2023.  Do inform us if you want to be placed on the waiting list for the next class. 

Who can sign up for the class?
- People with Parkinson's
- People who want to play music but never started 
- People who would love to sing but are afraid of singing out of tune
- People who just want to have fun with ukulele!
- People who don't mind learning music without formal notes and instructions

The Approach?
Free and Easy.
Watch, Listen and Just Do It!
Instructor is a ukulele enthusiast with no formal music qualifications

The Outcome?
1) Able to play and sing a minimum of One Song /or  an infinite number of songs with 1- 4 Basic Chords. 
2) Confidence in making music with friends.

No. Of Sessions?
There are currently two batches, with different instructors. 

First batch:
8 X 1.5 hours ( Instructional & Practical)
2 X 1.5 hours (Rehearsal & Presentation)

Second batch:
4 x 2 hours

When & Where?
There are currently two batches, on different days and venue.  Check with Johnson for details.

What will be covered?
Coverage of contents will depend on participants' learning curve. 

Generally contents may cover:
1) Why Ukulele?
2) What makes up the Ukulele?
3) How To Hold The Ukulele & Tuning The Ukulele
4) What  Rhythmic Patterns to use for songs (4/4? 3/4? )
5) The 4 Essential Chords (C Am F G) to play hundreds of songs - Gospel and Secular.
6) Picking up a simple tune with Solfege
7) Simple music notations - how to read notes on a score sheet.
8) How to enhance the ukulele with other instruments
8) Students' Solo & Group Presentation.

- Currently active participants of SALT
- Priority given to PwP in SALT-PARKINSON
- Able to attend punctually with 80% attendance
- Attend with own ukulele
- Willing to perform with and for SALT, if required

Fee & Contribution:
This course is FOC, with suggestion of $20 goodwill contribution to SALT FELLOWSHIP.

SALT-UKULELE 1st batch participants at their third lesson.

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