Active Aging
Fruitful Aging

Age-related illnesses amongst seniors are getting common. Physical inactivity and poor diets are the main contributing factors. Loneliness amongst seniors is also not uncommon. The talk is about how to stay active and live a spiritually fruitful life.


This talk was presented at various senior groups: Golden Age Fellowship, Grace Senior Adult Fellowship, OASIS (Older Adults Sharing, Inspiring and Serving) Ministry, New Life Senior Adult Fellowship, Evergreen Network Ministry, etc... 



There different causes as well as the common symptoms of depression. But there also are some practical ways to overcome depression from a physical and sociological perspective, and especially from a spiritual perspective. As a community of God’s people, we need to support one another and also to reach out to those in need of emotional help. There is a great need to befriend many lonely and depressed elderly folks living in nursing homes.

This talk was presented at the Evergreen Network Ministry.



Bridging Relationships with the elderly

Learning Objective of this seminar: Participants will learn the use of specific strategies and facilitation skills to connect with and communicate and engage the elderly.

Our Facilitators: Patricia and Arthur Wong of Reminisce Connect. They design customized training programmes and workshops for those who are working with the elderly. (Here is their website: https://reminisceconnect.com.)

SALT collaborates with Reminisce Connect to train volunteers to reach out to the elderly. 


Health Talks

SALT organises health talks presented by medical professionals for the seniors. The aim is to help seniors to overcome their physical infirmities, and to maintain good health & to gain knowledge of different health issues common to the elderly.  


Parkinson's Disease (PD)

SALT supports a small group of PD fighters by organising various outdoor & indoor activities. We continue to learn more about the disease and how it is affecting our PD fighters. SALT also seeks to support family caregivers caring for their loved ones with PD. We also do our best to educate others about PD so that more volunteers will be gravitated to support PD fighters & care-givers.   


Dementia & Caregiving

A Seminar, "Supporting Family Care-givers of Elderly with Dementia - A Christian Perspective" was organised by Project Peace Community Care Outreach. There were three speakers touching on Symptoms of Dementia, Communication & Understanding those with Dementia. SALT Chairman, Pastor Eric Kwan spoke on developing a dementia friendly church. Indeed, more could be done to create dementia friendly communities and also dementia friendly churches. SALT seeks to support family care-givers and to organise activities for elderly with dementia. 


Zoom Webinar.JPG

Zoom Seminar for Caregivers

Our speaker, Angeline Koh shared about her experience caring for her loved ones.

SALT hopes to organise more of such seminars to encourage family caregivers caring for their elderly parents.